Report a Scam and File a Chargeback Against Vide Forex

Is Vide Forex a Scam Broker? 

Vide Forex says it lets clients trade forex, CFDs, and options. The broker was founded in 2017 and it claims to trade funds for 5,000 clients with a volume of $4 million. Vide Forex seems to have a license from the Marshall Islands, but there is no validation of this. In any case, Marshall Islands is the third or fourth-rate regulator that does not provide oversight for customers, so it is almost akin to having no license at all. 

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Vide Forex is an important lesson to look beyond the claims that a broker makes or the numbers they quote and try to find information about actual licensing. What we discovered was at best, a claim of a poor quality license and at worse, no license at all. Vide Forex also focuses on high-risk assets and promises returns of 1% per day, which is impossible. 

Here are some problems we have discovered from our research on Vide Forex and reviews:  

  • Insufficient licensing
  • Fake guaranteed returns
  • Focuses only on risky assets
  • No contact information
  • Bad reviews

ChargeBax experts have examined Vide Forex and suspect it may be a scam. If you want to trade, do some research and select only a regulated broker. If you need assistance finding a reliable broker or require fund recovery from a scam broker, consult with our professionals right away. 

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