Fake Crypto Brokers List and How to File a Chargeback

How to File a Chargeback with a Fake Crypto Broker

The number of crypto scam brokers has unfortunately escalated exponentially over the last decade. A crypto-brokers’ main objective is to pressure their clients to deposit as much money as possible and ultimately make it appear as if they lost the money through legitimate trading. Certain fake crypto brokers only accept payments in cryptocurrencies to try at all costs to avoid any chargebacks.

We have compiled a fake crypto broker dealer list of organizations that have been identified to be operating under questionable and unethical methods due to their regulatory status and suspicious terms of service. If you have been or are currently involved with any of the below crypto brokers and would like to lodge a complaint, report scam numbers, report scam calls, file  chargebacks or learn more about crypto recovery options, please click on the applicable link to obtain additional information and to file a complaint.

A representative will then contact you to discuss your case and provide you with a solution to recover your funds.

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