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In-Depth Merchant Analysis | Cryptocurrency Scam Reports

The most important factor to consider before selecting a trading company or investment firm is to fully understand who you are dealing with and the corporate structure behind the entity. Access to correct and trusted information can save you from getting involved in a cryptocurrency scam.

In addition, if you are hoping for a crypto recovery from an online investment firm that has either disappeared or cut off communication with you, your best chance of recovering your funds is understanding as much as you can about the corporate structure and inner workings of the company. 

Without this information, a crypto recovery can be a very challenging and almost impossible task. Correct investigative techniques and advanced cyber tracing tools can assist with compiling the required evidence and documentation to present to the bank. 

Thorough investigation and cyber tracing will identify:

  • The individuals and legal entities that are connected to the company
  • The various transfer routes, including intermediary accounts your funds took from the time of the transaction to its final destination

Once completed, a professional report with all necessary evidence and information can be compiled and presented to the bank.   

Cryptocurrency Scam Investigations

Cryptocurrencies, as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking systems, were designed to operate independently and use a decentralized control system. Consequently, there are no regulators that have a functioning mechanism to assist consumers who wish to dispute a transaction.

Cryptocurrencies were also designed to be anonymous, giving the recipient the ability to transact freely without the need to worry about any recourse. In addition, merchants invariably transfer cryptocurrencies through multiple wallets to complicate tracing efforts. The combined effect creates an enormous challenge to identify where the digital currency finally ends up. 

This is where professional assistance which combines investigation and cyber analysis can assist with the identification and recovery of cryptocurrencies. Employing these technologies creates the starting point for cryptocurrency scams recovery.

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