Bank Wire Intelligence Report

Is your bank complaint falling on deaf ears? The problem may be not the claim itself but the lack of supporting evidence. But how do you find this evidence? That’s where ChargeBax experts can help. 

A Bank Wire Intelligence Report or a BWIR can set your claim apart from the rest. These reports are created after an extensive investigation into the suspected fraud. A BIWR may convince a bank to recall wire transfers and freeze funds of suspected accounts. That’s because a BIWR shows evidence from detailed investigations that can persuade banks and law enforcement to take action.

What Are the Benefits of a Bank Wire Intelligence Report?

When it comes to supporting your claim, a BWIR has all of the information you need in one place. Just filing a claim without a BIWR can mean a long wait or perhaps no progress on your claim. 

That’s because banks are often unwilling to exact penalties against account-holders without hard evidence. Although many banks are eager to participate in cracking down on frauds, they may understandably be unwilling to target their own customers unless they have a very good reason to do so. A BIWR supports your claim with verified data. 

What’s in a Bank Wire Intelligence Report? 

The BIWR begins with a Summary of the case and a brief description of findings from the investigation. This page is crucial, because it should give banks an idea of the seriousness of the claims. To support this, Warnings from Regulators demonstrate that the suspected scam had attracted the attention of regulators in other cases. 

The BIWR has a Wire Confirmation, which proves that your money was sent and received by the suspected fraud. The next section details the Corporate Structure of the organization and gives the bank further information, including Proof that Beneficiaries and Merchants are Unregulated. 

One of the most crucial sections of the report is Persons of Interest, which gives the real names and aliases of the suspected scam. The Company Registration Extracts section gives additional information about the company that can be useful in an investigation.

Boost Your Claim with a BIWR–Talk to ChargeBax Experts Today

ChargeBax experts understand how crucial a BIWR is in helping you retrieve your funds. We consult with our customers and gather all the information we need to launch a full investigation into the suspected scam. Our working relationship with hundreds of banks, advanced technological tools and investigation methods make our BIWR key to a successful bank claim.