Have you been involved in a scam? Are you looking for advice on chargebacks? Perhaps you would like more information on your fund recovery options?


Chargebax is a knowledge hub designed to inform everyone about the dangers of online fraud and scams. Chargebax was created to assist you with your fund recovery options and help advise you if you have been scammed.

Chargebax has a dedicated team of financial and legal professionals with extensive experience in online trading and online trading scams. All victims of a multitude of online scams, we decided to help everyone reclaim their funds and their lives.

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Our Mission

We at Chargebax believe in a safe world, free of scammers and fraud.  We want everyone to be able to recognize the scammers for who they are and not fall victim to their unscrupulous practices.

We created Chargebax to make the world a smarter, safer place by informing everyone about the scams and flimsy flams.  A more informed world, is a better, safer world.

We assist our visitors from across the globe with the recovery of funds that were paid via authorized and non-authorized transactions.  Unfortunately, the nature of these disputes is complex, and as a result, consumers,  have a limited understanding and no experience in navigating the procedures set out by the various financial institutions.

Financial institutions also lack the vital information and expertise to effectively arbitrate chargebacks on behalf of their clientele. It is easier and cheaper for these institutions to reject a chargeback request than work through the history and documentation necessary to the resolution of the claim.

Our objective is therefore to leverage our many years of experience with fund recovery and chargebacks specifically to give you all the information and assistance available to go after your funds.

How we can help you:

Chargeback Guidance

Information and advice to help navigate the system. Chargebacks are complex and without the right knowledge, expertise and guidance, you could fail at getting your money money back. What is a chargeback? Find out all you need to know about the chargeback process and your rights as a cardholder.

Chargeback Tips

Tips and tricks to help you understand chargebacks. These tips will give you an additional boost in understanding the process and evaluating your own chargeback case. This will give you a greater chance of success.

Funds Recovery Strategy

Fund recovery is a strategy. It is a process where you choose the best possible options that will win your case. Find out how Chargebax can help you build a solid case and assist with recovering your funds


The most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

A chargeback is essentially the reversal of a charge made to your credit or debit card. Credit and debit card transactions are highly controlled and regulated in order to protect both consumers and merchants. Visa and MasterCard for example, have a set of terms and conditions that govern the use of their cards.

These terms and conditions govern the rights and responsibilities of the cardholder, their bank, the merchant and the merchant’s bank.

A consumer who has lost or had their card stolen, for example, can notify their bank to reverse any charges made. In addition, card holders are able to reverse an authorized charge for goods or services that were not received as advertised.

Chargebacks cover all transactions made with a credit and debit card

Step 1 – Customer initiates a dispute request over a transaction.

Step 2 – Issuing bank reviews dispute charge and send transaction to acquiring bank electronically

Step 3 – Acquiring bank receives the chargeback request, resolves the issue automatically or forwards it to the merchant

Step 4 – Merchant either accepts the chargeback request or rejects it by sending evidence to the acquiring bank

Step 5 – Acquiring bank reviews the evidence received from the merchant, ensure it meets the requirements before sending it to the issuing bank

Step 6 – Issuing bank reviews evidence received from the merchant and makes a decision on the chargeback request

Step 7 – Cardholder and merchant are notified of the decision where either party can initiate arbitration in the event that they disagree with the decision

The timeframe to issue a chargeback typically depends on the card companys’ terms and conditions. Generally, cardholders should advise their bank within 120 days from the date of the transaction, however cases can extend up to 540 days and even beyond that with certain card companies. The key for a successful chargeback, however, is to file the request with your bank as soon as possible.

It is difficult to accurately ascertain how long it will take for a successful chargeback as each case is different and there are many variables that determine the final outcome. Generally speaking, the chargeback process can take anywhere from 4 – 6 months. This time frame could be shorter when dealing with a simple case and slightly longer when dealing with more complicated cases.

A chargeback fee is imposed by banks in an effort to recover incurred costs while handling consumer chargebacks and disputes associated with your account.

A New Approach to Fund Recovery

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