Should You Trade with WapDigisVip? 

WapDigisVip is an unregulated broker, and like many unlicensed brokers we examine, has many negative complaints and some reports of sketchy practices. It is unlikely that WapDigisVip is a legitimate broker, if only for the lack of licensing information. However, we have more to go on than that–WapDigisVip has been flagged as a suspected scam. We looked at the matter more closely. 

We Have Found Some Problems with WapDigisVip

In addition to lacking any kind of license, WapDigisVip doesn’t disclose who is behind it and the names and credentials of anyone involved. Any reputable broker should provide this information to prospective clients. Additionally, there are no real details about terms and conditions and it is hard to verify its claims of returns for clients. We therefore would recommend staying away from WapDigisVip. Instead, research brokers carefully and sign up with one that is licensed and has a good reputation. 

Here Are Some WapDigisVip Red Flags:

  • No transparency
  • No contact information
  • False claims
  • Not regulated
  • Bad reviews

What Should You Do If You Have an Account with WapDigisVip?

We do not recommend opening an account with WapDigisVip. If you do hold an account with this broker, close it right away and ask for a withdrawal of your funds. If the broker will not allow you to retrieve your funds, talk to ChargeBax professionals right away. We will investigate the matter, track down the broker and your funds, and will help you prepare your claim.

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