Should You Trade with ETH-Banko? 

ETH-Banko may put forward many promises, but in the end, they are like many other unregulated brokers–all talk, no proof of legitimacy. They do not show any evidence of a license. In addition, their website has a very low trust rating and there are many complaints about ETH-Banko. That is enough reason to beware. Even though we can’t understand why someone would still trade with a broker who has been flagged and is unlicensed, we examined this broker to see what we could find. 

We Have Found Some Problems with ETH-Banko

After looking carefully at ETH-Banko, we have determined that it has been flagged for a good reason. It doesn’t show any licensing information or any reason to believe in claims of outsized returns. We can’t trust a broker that doesn’t provide any information about itself. We instead recommend that you look for a regulated broker that has a solid reputation. 

Here Are Some ETH-Banko Red Flags:

  • No transparency
  • Fluffy and poor content
  • No contact information
  • Not regulated
  • Bad reviews

What Should You Do If You Have an Account with ETH-Banko?

We do not recommend opening an account with ETH-Banko. If you do hold an account with this broker, close it right away and ask for a withdrawal of your funds. If the broker will not allow you to retrieve your funds, talk to ChargeBax professionals right away. We will investigate the matter, track down the broker and your funds, and will help you prepare your claim.

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