Is CoinsnClub a Good Broker or a Scam?

We create these broker reviews to keep people safe. Therefore, we warn against any situations that put your money at risk. CoinsnClub seems to fit the category of a suspected scam. First, it shows no evidence of a license. Unlicensed brokers are risky for consumers because there is little recourse if something goes wrong. Also, in our experience the majority of problems and complaints we receive arrive from people working with unlicensed brokers. 

We Have Some Concerns with CoinsnClub

In addition to not having a license, CoinsnClub doesn’t reveal any information about who runs it. Reliable brokers will give names, qualifications and proof of successful outcomes on behalf of clients. Instead, anyone who visits this website is in the dark about who they are trusting their money with. We therefore do not recommend this broker and would instead suggest researching licensed brokers that have a solid reputation. It is never worth taking a chance with any unlicensed broker, even if they offer deals that seem attractive. 

CoinsnClub Red Flags

  • No license
  • False guarantees
  • No transparency
  • Negative reviews

Lost Money to CoinsnClub? Talk to Us!

Our experts understand brokers–reliable ones and scam operations. We have researched brokers and have created these reviews to help consumers make the right choice for trading. We recommend that you avoid CoinsnClub and instead find a reliable and licensed broker. If you have lost money to this broker, contact us and we will help you locate your funds

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