X-Payments Chargeback

When you make a payment or money transfer via X-Payments and the goods or services you received were defective or not as advertised, then you are eligible for a chargeback.

How Does a X-Payments Chargeback Work?

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A chargeback is essentially a transaction reversal undertaken to dispute a card transaction and to secure a refund for the purchase.

The chargeback process involves your bank (issuing bank) withdrawing funds that were previously deposited into the merchant’s account (acquiring bank) and depositing it back into your account.

The merchant may dispute a chargeback with the bank if it can prove the chargeback is invalid.

How to get a Chargeback on X-Payments

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In order to initiate a X-Payments chargeback, you will need to contact your payment processor and file a dispute. Start by identifying the transaction under dispute and the reason you’re challenging it.

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The information included in the dispute case is sent to the merchant’s card processor and then to the merchant under question. The merchant has the opportunity to accept the request and refund the transaction or defend the chargeback. Should the merchant decide to defend the transaction, they will need to send supporting evidence that it was a valid transaction. The merchant generally has a specified period of time in which to respond, failing which they will lose the dispute.

While the dispute process is underway X-Payments may choose to refund the money or hold onto until a decision is reached.

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