Should You Trade with CapitalFunds?

CapitalFunds is a problematic broker. It has been flagged by the FCA for lacking a license and providing misinformation on its website. The FCA has caught this broker in various misstatements. It claims to have been operating since 2005, but they have actually been around no longer than since 2019. They claim to have offices in the US, London, Singapore and other cities, but there is no proof of this. 

We Have Found Some Problems with CapitalFunds

There is a laundry list of difficulties with CapitalFunds. Its minimum to fund an account is a very high $500. It only allows withdrawals for amounts over $250 and charges customers extra if the money “didn’t execute more than 200 in turnover.” Meaning that the broker penalizes customers if they didn’t make large returns from their investment. In addition, the broker reserves the write to put aside certain client funds not to be withdrawn. 

Red Flags Concerning CapitalFunds

  • No proof of  license

  • False claims
  • Tricky terms and conditions
  • Flagged by FCA
  • Negative reviews

What Should You Do If You Have an Account with CapitalFunds?

We do not recommend opening an account with CapitalFunds. If you do hold an account with this broker, close it right away and ask for a withdrawal of your funds. If the broker will not allow you to retrieve your funds, talk to ChargeBax professionals right away. We will investigate the matter, track down the broker and your funds, and will help you prepare your claim.

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