Should You Trade with Bitethmine? 

Bitethmine not only has an odd-sounding name. Its web content is convoluted and not well-written. For instance, it guarantees “lossless mining” and offers a “liquidity pledge” with a “reward 11 Million ETH.” None of this is clear. “Lossless” is not a word. What is the liquidity pledg? Who gets 11 million ethereum? There is no explanation for these statements. The website offers very few details. 

We Have Found Some Problems with Bitethmine

Not only are visitors to the site in the dark about what this broker means by its ambiguous content. We also don’t know who runs Bitethmine and there is no licensing information. There is no reason to trade with this broker, because they don’t give us any reason to trust them. Information and transparency are important considerations when signing up with a broker. Find out as much as you can, but with Bitethmine, you aren’t going to learn very much of anything. 

Here Are Some Bitethmine Red Flags:

  • No transparency
  • Nonsensical web content
  • Not regulated
  • Bad reviews

What Should You Do If You Have an Account with Bitethmine?

We do not recommend opening an account with Bitethmine. If you do hold an account with this broker, close it right away and ask for a withdrawal of your funds. If the broker will not allow you to retrieve your funds, talk to ChargeBax professionals right away. We will investigate the matter, track down the broker and your funds, and will help you prepare your claim. 

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