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Is Hashtrade a Scam Broker? 

Extra care should be taken when choosing a cryptocurrency broker, given the high risks of this kind of trading and a large number of crypto scams. In the case of Hashtrade, it is clear that they are not the right choice for those who want to trade cryptocurrency safely. The FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom has warned the public about Hashtrade and says it is a new version of an earlier scam called Paragon Ventures. 

Is Hashtrade a Scam or Legit Broker?

It is not uncommon for fraudulent brokers to disappear and to rise up again under a different name. On the internet, it is relatively easy to create new identities. They apply much of the same tactics as they have in the past, such as charging high fees and not allowing withdrawal of funds. Some even disappear multiple times. 

Here are some problems we have discovered from our research on Hashtrade and reviews:  

  • No license
  • A new version an old fraud the FCA warned about
  • No transparency
  • Low-quality site
  • Bad reviews

ChargeBax experts have examined Hashtrade and have concluded that it seems like a scam. If you want to trade, do some research and select only a regulated broker. If you need assistance finding a reliable broker or

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